Winning An NBA Championship Is Not An Option

nba trophy

#1: Allen Iverson: Now that Iverson is in his prime, it will be hard to make it to the finals anywhere and play enough  to help any team. He is no longer going to get paid all star numbers, but below that.

#2: Steve Nash: Steve Nash is the most talented veteran pg in the NBA now. Nash is on the downside of his career and is begging his team to help him make it to the playoffs one last time.

#3 Jason Kidd: Kidd is right behind Nash in terms of skill level, and can rebound and pass, shoot the three, but his mid-range is below average. All though Jason Kidd has made it to the finals two times, I don’t see him going there again before his career ends.

Iverson, Nash, and Kidd all made a huge impact in the NBA, but will never make it to the highest degree of winning an NBA championship.

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