The Journey of Blake Griffin


Blake was a dominate presence inside for the Sooners, and will do so again for the Los Angeles Clippers. Baron Davis is the main guy on the Clippers. Davis will most likely share most of the scoring load with Blake. Blake with the first pick in the draft, could easily be rookie of the year because he’s not afraid to score or even clean up the mess. Blake is a great addition to the Clippers and can easily add more scoring and rebounding.

No other rookie will be treated like Blake Griffin in their first year. He is something very special and can turn the Clippers into a playoff caliber team if they can sort out the “mess.” Plenty of talent goes a long way and that is what the Clippers will be looking at in the next few years. Blake Griffin is not all the Clippers need to win every night, but he sure can make them better. Blake does not have to “save” the team from not making the playoffs, the management of the Clippers needs to step in and clean up the “mess” that was created. Blake Griffin will help, but is only a part of what they need to win.

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