Deal Or No Deal? Lebron James 2010

Taking a look at 2010, will Lebron James stay in Cleveland or where else would be the best fit for Lebron?

Free agent options:

#1: Los Angeles Clippers: Plenty of talent, more talent to come in 2010? Clearing a few players off the Clippers roster would give them just enough space for a whole new role for King James and they would be a great team with unbelievable talent.

NO DEAL: This roster would be a dream for the Clippers to have, but the management would be cutting it close to meet the salary cap.

#2: Miami Heat: Only if Dwayne Wade leaves Miami is this a deal. Lebron would fit in with plenty of space to sign another big name.

DEAL: #2 works out the best because not only will Lebron have help on this team, Miami has plenty of young players as well that will stay even if Wade will be gone.

#3: NY Knicks: They will never get Lebron in NY, because of the low level of talent available on the team.

NO DEAL: Not enough talent to make Lebron happy.

So could Lebron be headed to Miami or will he choose to stay in Cleveland?

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