Underrated NBA Players

This is a very difficult question to answer. Many NBA players that are considered “underrated”  have plenty of talent, but the player is just either on a team that is considered below average in scoring the ball/defensively or the player doesn’t get the ball in their hands enough. You never hear Paul Pierce being called underrated because he can take multiple shots per game and still has plenty of talent on his team to back him up. Whether you like it or not most underrated players deserve more attention then they get. So here is a list of underrated players:

Devin Harris: Harris is not as unknown in the NBA as other players because of his ability to score, but he will not be  heard of next season because of the East’s major rise in overall talent.

Danny Granger: Granger a 26 year old guard for the Pacers that can score, but will he be a factor in his later years? There is some doubt. Granger is definitely underrated and deserves a pay raise.

Monta Ellis: Ellis has become less well known of because of the issue with the Warriors and their defense.

Corey Magette: Do you know who Magette is? If not, he’s definitely one of the most underrated players that can easily score 15 ppg when he is not injured.

Ron Artest: Now think about this one for a second.. you really mean Ron Artest? Yes. Artest is known for causing problems and his game is outright “ugly” at times.

Manu Ginobili: Ginobili can shoot the ball, but with Duncan in the system, there’s really no room for Manu to shine.

I’ll let you decide who is really the most underrated player in the NBA. Even if the player you are looking for is not on this list, certain NBA basketball players have more to show then you’ve seen.  A lot of players are unknown because  of “stars.” All of these “underrated” players deserve to be known.

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