Derrick Rose A Becoming Star


Derrick Rose is an outstanding talent, and has plenty more tricks in the bag for years to come. Rose was so talented in his 2 years playing in the NBA that Team USA wanted him. But in just his first year, Derrick Rose had shown he can be a star. Derrick averaged 16 ppg in the regular season and that is unbelievable for a rookie point guard.

In last years playoffs, Derrick averaged a little under 20 ppg and that’s not all, he also had at least 5 assists. Rose was a key part to the Bulls keeping the series with Boston close.

Derrick Rose is capable of being the next Steve Nash, or even better than Chris Paul depending on his effort.  Many were impressed by his hunger to win in his first year. No matter where Rose ends up in the NBA, if  he’s shipped off to another team or turned into a bench player, he will be a star in the league, a winner.

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  1. leah
    September 22, 2009 at 7:50 am

    yeah he really is keep it going GOOOOOOOOO DERRICK ROSE

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