Best Franchise Of All-Time

best of the best

Plenty of debate goes on each season about the best franchise in the NBA. Teams from both conferences can argue that they are the “best.”

Boston is the “best” in terms of championships, with 16 total. The Lakers are right behind the Celtics with 15 championships, but have more total wins than Boston. Some argue the Bulls are the best because of Jordan’s era, winning 6 titles alone.

It’s hard to choose the greatest franchise of all time unless the determination is based on stats. Boston, Los Angeles, and Chicago all have potential to maintain a reputation as one of the best teams.

Boston:  is for sure one of the most well-maintained franchises in the NBA. Almost every year since the 80’s, Boston has continued to choose great players. This has been proven by the latest acquisition of Rasheed Wallace. Even with great players the 85′ Celtics are unbeatable because of the amount of talent. The Celtics will keep going in the right direction as each season goes by.
Los Angeles: The fan base is very mixed because the Lakers have been a competitive team for decades. Every Lakers fan will tell you, this year the Lakers had the most talent overall in any year winning a championship. But from Kobe Bryant to Magic Johnson, to even Jerry West the Lakers continue to be productive each year. This team is a winning franchise, and that cannot be debated.

Chicago: Michael Jordan the greatest player? Let’s not get into that argument. The Bulls aren’t recognized as much for being a great team, although some believe Jordan and Pippen were unstoppable back in the day.  Chicago set record after record, but has not made it to the playoffs nearly as many times in the past few years.

In my eyes, these are the three best teams of all time but not in that order. Only time will tell who is the best team in the NBA. The league’s newest stars are yet to shine.

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