Best Free Agent Deals Left

If your looking to sign a bench player, get them while you can or wait until 2010 when anything can happen in the NBA free agent market. Here are a few players left that could help your team in the long run.

Lamar Odom: At this point in the off season, Odom is not longer looking for the best place to win a championship, but the most money he can get. Lamar is the best deal left, and the most talented player left to sign. In order to get Odom expect to pay him good money.

Nate Robinson: One of the most talented basketball players for his size. Nate would be a perfect fit for any team needingĀ a point guard that can score.
Shelden William: Still getting the feel for things in the NBA, he is easily a fan favorite to help any team. Shelden’s success at Duke proves he can make an impact.

Linas Kleiza: Kleiza not the best option left, but could be the only option soon. Averaging 7 points per game, Kleiza can be a great addition off the bench.

Gerald Green: Green still has time to shine, because he’s only in his 5 year in the NBA and hasn’t played much. Known for his absolutely outstanding dunks, Green could be a good fit in a year or two from now.

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