The Trade That Made A Difference

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One of the biggest decisions made by New Orleans to swap centers made their team a lot better. Although Okafor will take time to figure out the New Orleans offense, run by Chris Paul, a few weeks into the season fans will see a difference.

As we all know, Emeka Okafor is a bigger presence inside with the ability to blocks shots, rebound more, and even post up. This trade makes New Orleans better for those reasons and more. Okafor will be a dominate presence in New Orleans with his newest side kick Chris Paul.

Emeka is coming from a totally different scenario in the city of New Orleans, where he will now have the chance to play for a winning team, and win games. On top of that, Okafor will continue to become known as a great player now playing for a winning franchise.

This trade is very surprising for the city of New Orleans to get the change to have another special player on the team. New Orleans obviously got the best deal and I’m sure everyone is waiting to see how this different New Orleans team will look in early November.

The main thing Okafor needs to focus on in New Orleans is look for the ball more often, and stay aggressive. If he wants to get paid this demanding amount of money, he needs to score an average amount of points per game and help his team; otherwise he’s not worth it.

This trade could easily make New Orleans a 5-6 seed team, only if healthy and CP3 and co. continue to produce on the offensive end.

As for the Bobcats, I’m not sure anyone will ever know why they traded Okafor. Just maybe Charlotte can work with Tyson Chandler as their future and hope to acquire more help. Honestly, this makes Charlotte so much worse. Who knows where Raymond Felton might end up? Will Tyson Chandler stay Healthy? But as for now, this trade was a bad decision, and the Bobcats have no future as a winning franchise.

This is the biggest surprise of the off season. The Bobcats have just lost any hope of making the playoffs unless a miracle happens in the 2010 off season. The Bobcats have just said farewell to their franchise player.

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  1. July 29, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    Larry Brown likes players who can play more then one position, apparently he feels Chandler can play two positions

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