Lamar Odom Returns to LA

Spurs Lakers Basketball

As the East is getting more competitive this off season, it was a priority for the Lakers to resign Lamar Odom.  After several declined offers, Lamar Odom will resign with the Lakers for an estimated $33 million dollars for 4 years.

Not only is Lamar Odom a key piece to the Lakers competing with a few very top notch teams, but the Lakers bench would look very thin without Odom, after losing Trevor Ariza a key to winning the NBA finals in 2009.

Now that Odom is back in LA, this could stir up a few more rumors this off season involving someone by the name of Dwayne Wade. Wade was hoping to keep Lamar from signing with LA. The off season is far from over, and don’t expect Wade to stay quiet for the rest of it. As he, like anyone else wants the chance to be on a contending team.

Odom is one of the biggest pieces of the Lakers franchise and could be even bigger in 2010.

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