MVP Candidates of 09-10

MVP 09-10

The 09-10 season will be packed with excitement. Several players come to mind when thinking about the best player in the NBA.  Here are a few players that will have the best chance of winning an MVP award in the 09-10 season.

Dwight Howard: If Dwight learns from his mistakes in his first NBA Finals appearance, Dwight could be the MVP depending on how he plays and if he can stays out of foul trouble. Dwight is a huge key to Orlando coming back to the playoffs and maybe even the finals once again.

Chris Paul: CP3 deserves to win the MVP award more than any other right now. Several years of great play for the New Orleans Hornets, Chris Paul will never lead the league in scoring, but is easily a top Point Guard, with plenty of years ahead.

Lebron James:  Lebron is a big part of Cleveland’s success next year, but won’t score nearly as much as last year because he now has a few helpers. While having an outstanding season last year, Lebron might be the best player of 09-10.

Dirk Nowitzki- Now with Shawn Marion, and others Dirk Nowitzki will lead the way in Dallas. But will he do enough to help Dallas, to be the NBA’s Most Valuable Players.

No matter what happens with Orlando, New Orleans, Cleveland, or Dallas, one of these players deserves to be the NBA’s Most Valuable Player. All of these players are a key part of their team and will all eventually win the MVP award.

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