Rondo aplogy free after suspension

With Ray Allen sitting out, and Rondo’s one game suspension, the Celtics were able to pull off an 87-80 win over Atlanta on Tuesday. It’s hard to know what Rondo was thinking, but he had no plan to apologize. The altercation with Marc Davis started some testy playoff controversy. Rondo claims he tripped and in his mind he did nothing wrong. Fans reactions to the replay were mixed reviews. As for David Stern it’s a one game suspension right when the offices opened that morning.

Rondo plays at an intensity matching only a small portion of the league. His emotions got the best of him. Of course Stern was ready to hand out the punishment as early as possible, but Rondo’s intentions were not for bad intent. The Celtics won without him and his teammates were thrilled to have him back after what they had to think was unnecessary. Kevin Garnett was first to thank Rondo after the one gamer. Boston and Atlanta are tied 1-1 going to Bean town Friday night. The game can be seen on ESPN at 7:30 ET. The Celtics were the early favorite in this first round series with Atlanta and stealing game 2 was vital for Doc Rivers and his Celtics.

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