Father Time Setting in For Kobe, Lakers slide 0-2

A game largely coming down to impressive defensive play on both ends fell apart for LA in the hands of Kobe Bryant late in the 4th. The Thunder ended on a 9-0 run, taking a 2-0 lead in the series. Kevin Durant had 22 points in Oklahoma City’s impressive 77-75 comeback win. The Lakers seemingly have things in control with 2 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter up 7. Kevin Durant sparked OKC alive with a baseline jumper shot forcing Mike Brown to think twice as momentum shifted.

Ron Artest said similar to game 1, the Lakers are you know, okay. A potential San Antonio/Los Angeles Clippers Western Conference Finals matchup is on the horizon if Ron keeps talking like that. Steve Blake missed a wide open three from the corner out of a timeout leaving Kobe helpless. Russell Westbrook had his eyes on the Mamba. The Los Angeles Lakers shot an abysmal 13% from 3.

Bryant said after the game Metta decision making on the inbound to Blake had him chasing for a rebound after the shot. Whether or not Metta meant to feed Bryant is anyone’s guess. Blake’s missed three captioned Los Angeles’ train wreck down the stretch. Up 7 in a Western Conference defensive fight on the road, there’s no excuse. Oklahoma City had lead at one point by 7, but climbing back from 7 in the closing minutes has them thinking sweep on the plane ride to Staples Center in Los Angeles for game 3. Panic should be setting in somewhere about now for Mike Brown.

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