Jerry Sloan Back Coaching In the NBA?

Jerry Sloan sincerely wants to coach again in the NBA. He would consider taking the job in Orlando if offered it at any point after Stan Van Gundy’s firing Monday. Sloan has been out of coaching now for 15 months. That is a long time for a guy who coached some 23 season. Sloan also talked about a job with Michael Jordan in Charlotte, although the Bobcats have plenty more options to sort through before making a final decision. Sloan isn’t worried about coaching a contender. In fact, he just wants to coach again and let his experience take place over time.

Sloan may seem like the Phil Jackson type, nice ranch house and all, but he is definitely going to be around in this league a lot longer than Phil Jackson. 70 year old Sloan has coached some 3000+ games all-time in his career (in the .600’s). He has won and won and won, leading the Utah Jazz to the NBA Finals against Michael Jordan’s Bulls in 97’ and 98’ but still no rings. Yeah, he’s working on a return and would enjoy starting from scrap. Maybe 5 years down the road Sloan finally retires with a ring? Wishful thinking, but he undoubtedly needs a ring to finish up his coaching career.

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