Clippers Management Fired Vinny Del Negro, Not Chris Paul

The Los Angeles Times is reporting the Los Angeles Clippers firing of former coach Vinny Del Negro was an “organizational decision.” Gary Sack VP of Basketball Operations  said “It was my conclusion that a change needed to be made.”

Sacks was very aware that Chris Paul was not happy as of late taking all the criticism for Del Negro’s firing.

The decision was made by Sacks, Owner Donald Sterling, President Andy Roeser, and Eric Miller Director of basketball operations.

“Ultimately, the decision was made by myself and the front office,” Sacks said. “It had nothing whatsoever to do with any players. It was an organizational decision the entire time, from the beginning to the end. All this other stuff that’s out there, to me, it’s just ridiculous.”

The impression made by the media was very wrong in that, Chris Paul nor his agent, nor anyone affiliated with Paul influenced the change.

“We all felt that in order for us to get to where we need to go, that we needed a change and a new coach,” Sacks said. “Every personnel and coaching decision that we’ve made is us as an organization.”

Chris Paul will be a free agent on July 1 in which the Clippers will offer him a max contract to stay of five years$107.3 million. Paul can get the biggest contract in Los Angeles with the Clippers whereas other teams can offer him just under $80 million for 4 years.

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