Chris Bosh Tells Heat Fans Who Left Before Game 6 Ended To Stay Home For Game 7

Chris Bosh directed his anger at Heat fans who left a classic game 6 early, the best game Lebron personally has been a part of.

Some fans left with 28 seconds to go in regulation where the Spurs blew a five point lead. Later Lebron and Ray Allen’s threes forced overtime. The fans were then in the parking lot begging to get back in.

“For all those [fans] who left, make sure you don’t come to Game 7. You never give up. People gave up on us, and they can stay where they are and watch the game at home.”

“You can’t get let back in after you leave. I know that,” Bosh said. “Hell, I’ve been to games. You can’t leave a game and then come back. It doesn’t make any sense. You left. It’s not punishment; that’s protocol.”

Lebron on the Heat fans who left and were forced to follow the game on their phone from the parking lot:

“As a fan and people watching at home, I know it had to — wow, it had to do a lot to them, both if you were a Spurs fan or a Heat fan or just a general fan of the game,” James said. “It definitely brought everything out of you that you probably didn’t think you had.”

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