Giannis Antetokounmpo Showing Scouts What They Expected To See

Giannis Antetokounmpo is turning out for the Bucks. There are not many wing players in the league with Antetokounmpo’s size, and athleticism to get to the rim. He has unusual speed for his size specifically off screens and his vertical is with the cream of the crop. Giannis will be a piece to built around in the near future. It was not a matter of GM’s not knowing who Antetokounmpo was, but rather whether the risk was worth it. He’s showing there’s little risk besides injury now, and a mighty good upside.

Here’s Giannis driving to the rim, and you can see he has no problem getting around taller defenders.

They key for Milwaukee’s longevity with a young talent like him is to limit too many post-plays and not let him develop his jump-shot.

The 19 year old native of Athen’s Greece is 6-9′ 2-10 pounds can out-man anyone at his shooting guard position and might benefit from a transition to small forward if the Bucks play more small ball. Tonight he played 34 minutes, more than any other starter. When you’re playing Joe Johnson type minutes as a rookie don’t expect to higher that ceiling because injury risk goes up.

While Milwaukee needs as much production out of him as they can get, watch for Antetokounmpo to take a backseat on the boards some nights with Larry Sanders picking up the load. He will definitely improve his passing ability with the up-and-coming’s of Brandon Knight, John Henson, and veteran OJ Mayo.

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