Lakers Trade Update With Suns For Gasol + Hawks Inquire

Mike Bresnahan of the LA Times is reporting that the Lakers aren’t content with current offers including a first round pick at best 17th overall via the Wizards. I’ve heard reports that the Lakers want two first round picks before they’d agree to such deal. That would mean 17th from the Suns along with their current 22nd overall in this year’s draft.

Phoenix also holds rights to the Indiana Pacers first round selection this season, (30th overall currently).

The preliminary talks included Emekar Okafor and a first round draft pick via Phoenix.

The Wizards top-12 protected that the Suns are holding onto is not a guaranteed selection for the Suns, nor is the Timberwolves top-13 protected first rounder.

The Wolves are have the pick right now 12 overall, depending on their record, the Suns cannot land Gasol without assuring the Lakers a pick.

As on Monday night, the Lakers have been considering other offers including a report that the Cleveland Cavaliers have inquired once again and dipped into the trade conversation regarding Pau Gasol. Reports are Dion Waiters and the 7th would be in play if the Lakers were to add something to make the deal work.

Another team; the Philadelphia 76ers have been active trying to move Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner, but would be unwilling to part with their first round pick. The 76ers hold the 3rd overall and 11th overall pick in the first round of the 2014 NBA Draft.

The only other team to inquire about Gasol is the Atlanta Hawks; although no offers have been made yet from Atlanta’s side.


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