NBA Sending Out Blown Call Reports Under Adam Silver

Mark Cuban’s effort has paid off complaining about the officials. His opinion has carried over into a translated system by the league on blown calls by officials. The league will look into adding, and adjusting further, but for now this is a huge step from where Stern left it. Cuban basically spent his way into years of tirading officials after games over calls with hefty fines. Now, under Adam Silver, the league is taking action on exactly what Cuban had been complaining about for so long “official transparency.”

“I think he’s taken some great steps on the officiating,” Cuban said. “There’s been more changes in 15 days, or whatever it is, than I saw in 14 years.”

Cuban then divulged the most significant of those changes: The league is now sending its teams regular reports on blown calls by the referees. It’s one of the first steps in Silver’s push for greater transparency. Cuban has been advocating for measures like this since he purchased the Mavericks in 2000.

“So I like what he’s doing there,” Cuban said.

Why it is such a big deal is because for so long, the league has decided games, or affected them insurmountably from blown calls, and this hits home exactly to what fans want, and Mark Cuban wanted accountability on the part of the league.

To Mark Cuban’s, delight, he won’t even comment on the change of business. Under Adam Silver, in such a short time, the league has already seen quick changes which will benefit everyone for the long-run. Silver, who was ushered in as David Stern’s successor on the second day of February stressed transparency during his welcoming interviews.

Silver is heading in a different direction than Stern would have, who refused to even comment on officials doing the “right” or “wrong” thing; whether calls were “blown or “not blown.

Of course, with the future of the NBA’s growth and ultimate long-term legitimacy with official being up for grabs, Silver wants to cover this base right off. While talks of betting scandals and Tim Donaghy’s damage to the leagues reputation will linger, Silver’s tenure won’t be held accountable for that. In fact, Silver is taking initiative that former commissioner David Stern very well would not have taken, and had not take up to February 1, 2014, his retirement.

Betting scandals surrounding the NBA date back to 7 years ago. A fire that set-ablaze may speculations on how far this really want; even past Donaghy himelf. Whether the NBA suffered long-term damage by Donaghy’s action is disputable. However, fans continued to bring it up, but not move away from the game. Which raises the question if Silver’s thinks he will finally step over the betting-scandals. with “transparency” that has never been seen before from the league itself.

The NBA’s independent investigation covered findings by the initial conviction and was released, with questions fielded.

Whether there’s a conspiracy on the Draft, or officiating this is a step in the right direction to eliminate skepticism. While it will not remove past events, the future of digital media makes it impossible for the NBA to argue that officials made a correct calls. Unlimited replays, and instant film rewind provides for fans to see errors mighty quickly.

A move that sends a strong message to its fan, coaches, owners, players, and even the officials. The NBA assigns officials based on performance and missed calls are considered. However, prior to this, the league had done a poor job of releasing any information at all on where the officials went wrong. A move under Silver that is not in haste, but for the benefit of the league right away. Silver is off to a quick start moving the league forward, but this move ensures his fans will be trusting in him, and his league for the long run.

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