Report: Blake Griffin Chris Paul Both Want To Stay In Los Angeles

Very likely that both Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan will be back next season.

Of course, this is irresistible to the press, which frames every reverse as the end of the current era, as in: Has Griffin/Paul played his last game as a Clipper?Actually, insiders say the answer is no. Both love it here and want to stay.Normally, this kind of speculation is meaningless, with free agents prone to leaving on a whim. In their case, however, the speculation has been right as long as both players have been here, with both having already signed new contracts with nary a presentation from another team.If “here” could mean staying in the area while joining the Lakers, that doesn’t appear to be the case.With the Lakers dying to land a star, Magic Johnson is making no secret of his plans to pursue Indiana’s Paul George, a 2018 free agent whom the Pacers might move if he turns down their extension offer.

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