Report: Russell Westbrook Talking To Kevin Durant Again

Russell Westbrook is back to talking with Kevin Durant again.

PER Yahoo Sports:

“I was trying to figure out a way to make them talk again ‘cuz I felt like the outside world was putting a beef that wasn’t really too serious,” Perkins said on the 2008 Celtics reunion segment of Garnett’s show. “I think the night that Russ (Westbrook) actually broke the (triple doubles in a season) record, I had texted KD the next day … he sent me a text and was like, ‘Hey, man, Russ and I had a nice conversation the other day.”

Perkins continued: “I just want to let it be known that they’re back on talking terms. You know, the differences aside. I wouldn’t be surprised if KD made a little run, I wouldn’t be surprised if he went back to Oklahoma. Because in my opinion, I don’t think Russ is going nowhere.”

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