Report: Lakers Gathering Background Information On Rajon Rondo Before Deciding To Sign Him

The Lakers will meet on Wednesday to decide whether or not to sign Rajon Rondo.

On one hand, reports from around the Bulls have pegged him as someone the Chicago Bulls younger players looked up to last season. Rondo additionally mentored young boys in Chicago to help give them a male role model.If any of those things made a positive impact on the professionalism of the young Bulls, that’s definitely a positive in addition to the value the latter provided the Chicago community.On the other hand, Rondo has also feuded with just about every coach he’s had in the NBA at some point. There is also the highly regrettable incident in which Rondo called NBA official Bill Kennedy a homophobic slur. Kennedy later came out publicly as gay.

The Lakers have inquired around the league with other coaches and players that have worked with Rajon Rondo to get their opinion on him.

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