Report: Tristan Thompson Gives Detailed Explanation Blaming His Teammates For Why He Cheated On Khloe Kardashian

Tristan Thompson on why he is blaming his teammates for HIS cheating.

“[Tristan]’s been in Khloé’s ears apologizing, telling her that these videos aren’t what they look like,” a source told In Touch exclusively. “He’s telling her that the girl he was with at the hotel is [a friend of a friend] and that the video of him kissing that chick last year was a stupid bet he made with one of his teammates.”This is not the first time Tristan has been caught cheating on the KUWTK star. In February, In Touch shared photos of the NBA star getting flirty with a mystery woman — and sources saw the couple leave the event together. “Tristan definitely has a type, and she dressed the part. She wore a white bodycon dress with a back slit. Her hair was dirty blond with a middle part and was styled super straight with a straight-line. The length was about to her shoulders. She looked to be about 25-27 years old,” the eyewitness said. “She was rubbing up and down while she was whispering to him. He never fully put his arm around her, however, they were standing really close at times. So close that when he would put his hand down by his side, his hands would lightly graze her backside.”

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