Top 5 NBA Free Agents of 2010

Lebron James1001#1: Lebron James: Every team wants him. He’s the next coming star after Kobe Bryant. Why not make your team A LOT better in 2010?

#2: Dwyane Wade: Dwyane is right behind Lebron in terms of making a team better. Wade can consistently get to the free throw line and knock down free throws. Dwyane is a little bit better deal for teams who are struggling to pay him because of his age.

#3: Chris Bosh: is still very young and has plenty of basketball ahead of him. The right combo of Bosh and another player could make Bosh a contender.

#4 Paul Pierce: is the oldest player on this list but is still a good fit for any team. It is unlikely he will go anywhere, since Kevin Garnett is signed till 2012.

#5 Dirk Nowitzki: A lot of opinions state Dirk should be listed higher in the 2010 free agent market because he’s not a “factor” in the league. Dirk, 32, can still make a run for the NBA title, depending on the team and his consistency.

-Tyler Harrison

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