Paul Allen Fist Pump

paul allen fist pump

Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode Hoodie

marshawn lynch beast mode hoodie

Joe Namath Premature Coin Toss
joe namath premature coin toss gif
Seahawks Mascot Staring At Camera
seahawks mascot staring at the camera
Golden Tate Wearing Google Glass At Super Bowl 48 Trophy Presentation
golden tate wearing google glass
Peyton Manning is known for his audibles at the line of scrimmage. Mr. Manning was served up with a safety on this play as he decided to change the play and was met with a snap in the process.

manning misses snap gif

Super Bowl 48

Witchita State plays some pretty poor opponents. With that comes a sinister dunk from Tekele Cotton of the top 5 ranked Wichita State Shockers.

Sherman Interview & Erin Andrews Reaction

Harbaugh leg kicks


Bowman knee buckles

Golden Tate skittles

Russell Wilson Scrambles and throws for big play down field under pressure

49ers fans take over Seattle streets



Colin Kaepernick took off for 59 yards down field

Tom Brady struggling to deal with the Patriots imminent loss.


Broncos mascot forced to stop drumming

Canucks and Flame had 5 fights at one time during the game on Saturday.
Aaron Rodgers at the Oklahoma State/Kansas Game January 18, 2014

Army flags blowing in the wind

Wes Welker’s oversized helmet

Harbaugh mad about an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty

Colin “Kaepernicking”

Vontae Davis Says Colts Prepared For Tom Brady


Yasiel Puig’s  triple in Game 3 of the NLCS tonight in Los Angeles had him pumped up. Greatest bat flip you will see, not to mention he is 1-12 in the NLCS.
The Redsox trailed 5-1 in the 9th inning before David Ortiz came to the plate. With two outs, Ortiz hit a grand slam off of Joaquin Benoit’s first fast ball. The cop in the bull pin is seen celebrating in the GIF below.

Somebody bought a Texas A&m license plate for $115,000

The proceeds are going to both Texas A&M and the General Revenue Fund of Texas.

Nick Saban Leaves Press Conference Because He Doesn’t Like the Question Being Asked

Eminem Interviewed By Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit

Johnny Manziel signing air autographs


Kirk Herbstreit Strangling A Puppy
South Carolina Freshman Kicker gets Misspelled Jersey
Fry’s jersey said “CAROLIN”
Tyrann Mathieu Tweets Johnny Football Is A Boss

Geno Smith runs out of the back of the end zone for a safety


Deadspin reported on Detroit Lions Kevin Smith who didn’t want “any f****** bitches in the locker room.”

I spent the 2008 season interning in the sports department of The Detroit News, mainly covering the Tigers (not a bad gig) …and the Lions. I was 19 years old, a college sophomore from a liberal arts school. Throughout my five weeks at training camp and preseason games of that utterly defeated season, I was: 1. Told by Kevin Smith that the team would make the Super Bowl that season. 2. Screamed at by Kevin Smith that he “didn’t want no fucking bitches” in his locker room with him. 3. Repeatedly asked by Kevin Smith if I had “ever copped a look” while a player was walking around naked, and when I said no, he took off his towel. 4. Forced to sit down for a most awkward “exclusive interview” with Kevin Smith offered to the paper to smooth over his locker room outbursts. 5. Towed from the parking garage at Ford Field… twice.
Yeah, meet Kevin Smith. Happened in 2008 but won’t go over well with the Lions organization long-term.

Oregon Black Helmet



Joe Philbin bored on the sideline VIA SBNATION


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